How Does Safelet Work

With the Safelet you have the ability to elect an unlimited amount of people who you would like to alert if a moment of panic arises.

Here’s what your Guardians see during an alarm:

When your Guardians open your SOS message, they will see a map with your location. 
Through the app they have the ability to access the below critical features:

1. Listen to a sound recording 

2. Call Emergency Services

3. Indicate that they are coming to help you 

4. Guardians also have the ability to see each other’s locations and discuss with each other how they are going to help

How the Safelet community works

You build your own security network by inviting your friends and family to become your Guardian. These are the people who always want to be there for you when you are in need. But you can also choose to be helped by others who are also members of the Safelet community. These are people you don’t know but who are willing to help you. The choice is yours. In the animation below you can see how that can work: