Connect & Protect

Immediately alert friends & family with one click.

Safelet, the Personal Safety Bracelet

When you are concerned about your personal safety, you often are concerned about being alone when something happens. In an emergency you don’t have the time to get your mobile phone, unlock it and dial a number. With the  Safelet, you can quickly activate an alarm and send out an SOS alert with your location to your friends and family who care the most about your wellbeing. That’s why Safelet is the best safety device when every second counts.

Getting Ready

Install the Safelet App

Use the App to connect the Safety bracelet with your phone

Invite Friends and Family to become your Guardians

Your Guardians can listen to a Sound Recording

In an Emergency

Push the button of your Safety bracelet

Your Guardians receive an Alarm signal

They can see your location

They can Communicate to coordinate their Response